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We help you identify the most efficient ways to drive revenue growth by accelerating your traffic through SEO and Content Marketing.
What We Do

We help you attract more customers by improving your search rankings on the right search terms.

We Help Companies Grow

The truth is 90% of all purchases of products or services start by an online search.

For those of you who have both a lack of knowledge and capital to invest it can be quite confronting on how to grow your presence on the internet.

In today’s digital landscape it can be quite confronting about how you can get ahead in search engine rankings.

This is where Take The Lead comes in. We have guides that will help you plan out exactly how you can grow online using proven tactics.

How Does It Work

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps to Success


Assess and Audit

This is the stage where you look at your current online presence. Use our checklist to audit your current online setup. 


Your Customer

Create a clear definition of who your customer is. What problem are you solving for them? How will you solve this problem for them?


What are they searching?

Perform an in depth search analysis and find out what your potential traffic volume is. 


Optimise (SEO) and Content Delivery

Make the necessary optimisations and deliver a content marketing strategy to accelerate your business.

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